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Jul 7, 2012 10:00pm PDT
about his close encounter and how all of us and this might have ended differently. >>> members of occupy the farm return to the uc-berkeley of land they were ejected from in may, activists broke into the track in an albany but left without incident anne mackovic shows us the point was not to occupy but to work the farm. >>> it does not look especially radical it is illegal. >>> if you do not leave you might be subject to citation or arrest >>> farmer john and aldermen. >>> we might be trespassing but we feel strongly what were doing >>> their farming land owned by uc-berkeley the gill tract where scientists do research but this group has other ideas the broken through a fence this morning. >>> with the of this land should be preserved as agricultural land >>> dozens of the occupiers to cover the track this spring, the plan to donate vegetables to local food banks and police kick them out in may but today there back to 10 the crops. >>> there's grass and while things growing between our crops were here to make sure they thrive. >>> the want to build as police stood by watching. some of th
Jul 14, 2012 10:00pm PDT
citizens want cal fire to stay on the job is a washington shows us activists are looking to reverse the board's decision >>> the petitions and half moon bay to recall three board members of the coast side fire protection district >>> they're trying to rebuild the department from the ground up is a huge task >>> he started the petition he believes the board members voted to establish a locally controlled fire department on the coast make the wrong decision >>> in 2006 to have our own fire department it was an embarrassment in many ways with lawsuits and acrimony, lot of craziness >>> we go forward with learn from our mistakes >>> he was not on the board before cal fire began fire protection on the coast cal fire operates the stations but the equipment is owned by the coast side district they voted early not to renew the contract with cal fire and that expires next june. >>> around town there's mixed reaction >>> the service is terrific in the community has embraced cal fire with these directors are doing implementing their own vision of what they thanked coast side fire service shoul
Jul 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
at six flags discovery kingdom don knapp in vallejo or riders could use help from the man of steel >>> how scary was then 12 riders atop the superman ride 150 ft. up and stuck there and trying to nudge the car to get it rolling so they can come down backwards it was more venture than planned for. passengers were stuck for about an hour and half and the son they were stuck in the upright position, at the suggestion of park workers they tried to rock and charged the car free as mechanics tugged at the wheels firefighters delivered water and other ways to get people down safely the ride inaugurated a month ago is among the tallest rise in the world this video shows the ride when it's run as designed 62 mi. per hour. when the right got stuck at the top it posed a scary moments not for those run and not just the riders but for those on the ground. >>> the crane got up there once get up there there were talking to the people, they told them the right would be fine, the shot back down 20 minutes later everybody walked off >>> a huge crane is stationed on the property and safety harnesses
Jul 8, 2012 10:00pm PDT
last week don knapp shows us one of today's rise is dedicated to jorge herrera. >>> hard you honor a jockey killed in a horse race, the answer is with a horse race. mid afternoon at the fourth race on the last day of the fair in memory of jorge herrera and jockey to run more than 1000 races on the fourth of july his horse 10 alta and rolling down a at first and did not regain consciousness >>> on a beautiful track like this to express it was tough >>> riding the race winner was russell bays who posed for pictures with friends and fellow jockeys and talk about the jockeys' risk >>> those horses are big and strong and awful fast things happen there are some things you cannot make plans for >>> former jockey joe hernandez to care of pereira's saddle and boots for five years. >>> the only sport where there's an ambulance that follows you >>> don't expected in any way or shape it was out of the blue with not had anything like this in 37 years >>> fair organizers say the death of the jockey did not dampen spirits. >>> they were hugging each other pandas and by not seen any negative impac
Jul 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
once they become sober they will be more cooperative and tell us what happened >>> c h p officers cannot interview all passengers on the bus after the accident some passengers got off the bus and ran away. the second woman in the argument was 20 years old and under the legal drinking age c h p does not know if there were under age drinkers but that is part of the investigation. >>> that cut that involve the driver it could have swerved and everyone could have been killed. >>> cherry hill proposes legislation to put restrictions on party bosses. >>> these are vehicles designed for alcohol and parties there needs to be controlled. >>> no charges have been filed in the accident. lisa washington cbs 5 >>> and 8 year-old girl and 22 year-old man injured and they point their inside a home on franklin avenue a car stopped in front of the house a man stepped out and fired two rounds into the house he then got back into the car and sped away witnesses described the car as a black honda sedan. injuries are not life- threatening. police have found the vehicle used by a suspect in a double ho
Jul 1, 2012 10:00pm PDT
on public transportation in the bay area. a major win for santa's head it is getting a u.s. patent office when a man's for silicon valley high-tech companies the san jose mayor making changes with pension reform other cities looking to follow his footsteps with that a legal fight. i'm ann notorangelo thousands of commuters notice a difference tomorrow bart fares when up roughly and nicole for a typical one way ride in the passes will tossed cost to dollars more for adults and their service increased by 5 percent one way on caltrans cost 25¢ more. the day ticket 1 up 50¢. there's a new protocol for me and riders don knapp explains >>> if it weren't for that need to collect fares it would be simple to get people off and on the buses that it's up to come to a stop and open all the doors, in fact today muni began doing that and they figured out how to collect fares. starting now passengers can board all of san francisco as buses and light rail vehicles by any door if they have a clipper card or prepaid fare device san francisco the first city in the nation to try this. >>> we think it is a
Jun 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
tomorrow, in a lot not seen anywhere else used car dealers need to flag salvaged vehicles as junk also knows getting tattoos and body piercing is will be protected by new safety procedures. it will cost you more to read part tomorrow affair increase of 1% into a fat, that is about an extra nickel for a typical community. it is the last of four scheduled hikes that began in 2006 muni begins telling bus riders to board in the back that is designed to speed up the boarding process. she wanted to go backward not afford a woman crashed her car into an ice-cream store in concord it happened at a baskin- robbins on oak grove road it brought back memories of a recent deadly accident down the street. >>> an understandable reaction for this concord shopper saturday morning a toyota camry driven by this woman crashed into a baskin-robbins. >>> these things happened they will hit the accelerator instead of the break as they park this is the result >>> police say the store was not yet open for business but an employee inside suffered minor injuries, when the car struck a counter. >>> neighbors are
Jul 22, 2012 10:00pm PDT
on the sunday morning talk circuit proponents look for leadership and, grace lee shows us the presidential candidates seem reluctant to way and >>> time for this country to do something that is the job of the president >>> on face the nation mayor bloomberg called out the president and candidate mitt romney he says they need to take action >>> time i think we hold them accountable you want our votes what are you going to do >>> both candidates have offered their sympathy, >>> such violence and evil senseless >>> our hearts break with the sadness of this tragedy >>> neither have gone into detail about the second amendment a uc-berkeley professor at the institute of governmental studies said romney and obama have been moderate on gun-control. >>> as the massachusetts governor he was moderate and supported actions to restrain gun ownership and use. president obama as far as the traditional democratic approach to gun regulation probably a disappointment to gun control advocates he has been among the most modern perhaps conservative on this. >>> there maybe political pressure calling on gun-con
Jul 21, 2012 10:00pm PDT
they know when and what is being called the largest shooting in u.s. history tomorrow a vigil held and it is for the community as well as local officials live in aurora and teresa garcia >>> president obama expected in aurora aquino when he plans to do there? >>> actually coming here specifically stopping to visit the victims and families he is not going to the vigil we mentioned that happens tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. local time he will meet with them personally a private affair and continue on to san francisco he is not doing a stopover but stand for a little while >>> hundreds gathered this evening in our to remember those who were killed their release purple balloons and a local high school field coupled with a moment of silence. one of many vigils held across the city. we have more on the lives of those who died some sacrificed everything to protect loved ones and barry pederson talked with friends and families of the victims >>> alex sullivan had much to celebrate on this 27 birthday a one-year wedding anniversary and he tweeted " oh man when howard until the movie and best birthd
Jul 15, 2012 10:00pm PDT
walk the focus not just on money john ramos tells us the goal is awareness especially for new generation. >>> it is important we bring people's memory along. >>> a small fragment of the aids quilt overlooks sharon medal in golden gate park a reminder of the 20,000 who joined a walk and why they are here those who greeted the panel's need no reminding. >>> how things work and how scary it was in the early days no one knew who would be next that is hard to translate to the younger people. >>> a lot of the one around 30 years ago but your here to learn and participate in something vital. >>> in the '80s aids considered a death sentence but medical advancements have transformed it to a manageable disease, it has fallen off the headlines and that may have an undesired effect on young generation. >>> my generation is nonchalant about things. >>> to kids your age take it seriously? >>> but not everyone some see it as a joke. >>> this aids walk raised nearly $2.7 million organizers said the walk not just about raising money but also awareness and know the importance of keeping this ge
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10